A Polluted Recovery | Short Story

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A Polluted Recovery

Short story by Zohaib Shahid B.


     A man fully covered with gear walked by a stream so black that it could not reflect the light of this morning’s sun. It was hard to use the word mourning for this time anymore. The clouds of pollution and filth lay so dark above and around that we realized how much we took sunlight for granted. It was hard to survive. Breathing in the air was worse then smoking a cigaret. Here in Flint there still is not much clean water. And if we’d find any water it would be dark and filthy. It’s been over 51 years. It’s now the year 2067. And science hadn’t made too much progress over clean sources.


     Many scientist tried but corporates and courts would bring them into a vast amount of debt. After that they became scared and would not try. People lost so much interest in what was going on with their nation and started paying so much attention to things that did not matter. These were things they would forget about right after they were finished looking at. But now they know. Now it’s hard not to know. The evidence is all over the place. All around all one could see is dust and pollution. You were able to see clearly for only a few yards outside.


It was hard living in these times. If only they had paid attention to what the corrupt politicians and lobbyist we’re doing to the environment. But now is too late. The damage was done. And the damage was nothing little. It had affected the entire planet. Where their were once roads with foliage on the sides, there are now deserts. Not the deserts that once existed. Not like those desserts that would almost look like gold. These were grey deserts. The ground looked like bare dirt with not a single sign of grass. But not like the dirt that once existed. That dirt was sometimes wet, and reflected and it was full of nutrients. It had very tiny pebbles in it too. The dirt now looks like sand but brown.


And it was also too late to switch over to solar panels and clean energy. The solar panels now costed too much, and government had banned them, they are only sold on the black market. They are extremely rare. And if anyone ever did manage to get a hold of that almost blue crystal looking object, they would not work because there was barely any sun light. And with all the regulations, you would need to hide them too. The government banned them because a lot of people started to make the switch which crashed the oil and fossil files companies bringing the electricity bill prices to the ground. And of course the politicians had investments in those type of companies.


As a man heavily geared walked along the shore, the waves crashed upon the rocks so hard that the waves had cracked them. The sea level was said to have risen by twenty feet this year. Reports had just come in that there are only a few square miles left of the Arctic. There were over five hundred and thirty species that went extinct over the last decade. That included that the panda, tiger, lion, most sea animals, cheetah, falcon and the ostrich. And the human race was next in line for extinction. Within forty years, the population decreased from six billion to forty nine thousand. There are only five cities left populated.


With the massive decline of the human race, among those five cities there was a treaty signed. The treaty agreed to ban wars. That treaty was signed in the result of a massive protest which included almost six thousand people asking for war to be illegal. This was the first decision of the regular citizens in thirty five years that took effect. Wars had a huge role in the decline. The people decided that they could not afford the damage of a world war 4.


16 Years later


The pollution was slowly fading away. Nature was balancing again. There is still dust for miles but it has decreased. You can now see for about half a mile far. And the damage is not as severe to the skin anymore so people started only wearing masks. The population is five thousand. The government has caused more regulations which caused further environmental damage. The citizens resisted so the government set up the army against it’s own people. Two revolutions took place until the government was completely replaced. The revolts caused the population to decrease to three thousand people.


The environmental party won the elections after the revolt. They had been making a lot of fixes. With the regulations on science being removed as a result of the new party’s win, scientist were able to successfully construct a new form of water cleaning that was able to remove the filth from pitch black water, making it clear once again. There have been many new inventions since the elections. There were only six engineers and twelve scientist and four doctors left with PhDs. But that number is much bigger now. Forty two people have gotten together to restart Harvard University. There are no fees. The university was a success. The first year nineteen people graduated. This year one hundred and twenty three people graduated.


3 Decades later


The population has reached 1.5 billion. The world has been picked back up on it’s feet. Non-renewable sources have been banned. Currently fifty three percent of energy is generated by solar panels and the rest is generated by wind turbines and dams. There is no tax anymore. People will donate voluntarily. And the state made more from donations than tax so they got rid of taxes. Not many suffer for the happiness of one in this world. Everyone is happy but there are still classes. People get what they earn. But with everyone wanting to make a difference everyone earns pretty well to live a happy life. But still, material is not what makes these people happy. What makes them happy is knowing that they live in a democracy. They have care for their nations. They love each other. They like to stay on top of issues and tackle them as soon as possible. And they also have eliminated PC culture. Now, one may think these people don’t even need to deal with politics. They have everything sorted out. But they are the most political people in human history. They are the most concerned people in human history.


Moral :

A great nation is built up of thinkers. A great nation thrives because of the vast concern of it’s people. A civilization that lacks care will allow the steps of a nation’s downfall to take place and they will not know it until it is too late.


Short story by

Zohaib Shahid B. 


I really wanted to write a story this weekend, but I hadn’t any clever ideas for a story this time. So I just sat in bed with my phone and wrote what my imagination could assemble. And I was gonna be a bit more realistic and make a sad story regarding where were headed but American do like happy endings so I changed it to have a new moral.

I hope you enjoyed reading! Please share this story! It helps me a lot!


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