Avenge For My Money – Short story by Zohaib



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Avenge For My Money

Short Story

By Zohaib

Only he had lived here in this wildly grown green. Massive trunks. Far from others. huge plants of green. As far as you could see from the ground. The only thing that was not green was the trunks. Even some of the trunks covered in the veins of the earth. It was like every life here had a synced heart beat. He lived here in peace. Alone. With no one. But mankind has a compelling desire for someone else. A desire which lead to the success of society. The creation of society. This was the desire which lead to modern factions.

He got lonely. Wanting someone. He became mad. He sometimes raged to only see a rabbit when he’d here noise in the shrubs. He hadn’t gone far. Not too far from his cabin. He feared he would become lost from his cabin. All he’d eat was fruits. But on the lucky days he’d find a deer. This reminded him how once when he lived with a pair he’d get fed. Then he’d cry at the thought of that pair.

That pair who lived with him. They were coming home. Mother had caught up with father on the walk. Father pulled out a pack of currency between tied rubber. Mother was really happy to see that he’d done well that day. Father would mark his money for some reason on the tip. As he reached for a marker to do so. He’d never really understood what was with that paper at that age. He understands now but doesn’t care. Hi’s parents were attacked and murdered that day as the man who stole it ran off with it.

What had made him leave was not that site, but how hi’s father had found that money. His father had stolen the old man’s money. The old man struggled. He needed it for medication. The doctor wouldn’t give it till he got money. The old man died from disease. He saw the same robber later that week spending the money at the bar. He was shot at the bar by another man who took that money and ran off. The man running was surrounded by a crowd. through the legs was only the color red visible as another man ran off.

That’s all he’d remember before he had decided he wasn’t going to live with such people. Hi’s desire for another human was now at it’s peak. He had decided he was going to travel back. He decided to take the last charcoal to mark his path so he wouldn’t be lost. Once he had made it back, at the first sight he witnessed a fight. A bloody one. One was already dead. The others fell from blood loss. It was that again. The money. He went to see what was with this that was so valuable that others would die for it. He picked it up and put it in his pocket. As he was traveling back to the cabin he had realized he wasn’t walking alone.


Short story by Zohaib









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Avenge For My Money – Short story by Zohaib


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