Harry Potter Aids Victim In Mugging Incident

He’s not just Harry Potter only in front of the camera. On this particular evening Daniel Radcliffe came to the rescue of a victim in a mugging incident.

As reported by Time:

An unnamed man was targeted by interlocutors on mopeds on a street in the posh Chelsea neighborhood. They managed to take off with his Louis Vuitton bag and left him with a facial cut

A victim was robbed and injured. Hopeless as the victim may have been, saw a man emerge from the streets of London as the sun glared at the edge of their sights. The man was there at the right exact time as if it was planned, as if he was some sort of a wizard. He was being helped by a generous and gorgeous young man. But it was not too long till he realized that the hero was Harry Potter himself. And in shock the victim questioned if it was really him and then responded the wizard “I am”.


“It was a bit of the surreal moment, I said ‘you’re Daniel Radcliffe’ and he replied ‘I am,’” the witness said, adding that the victim was “very shaken up.”



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Zohaib Shahid B.


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