Lazy People | Short Story

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Lazy People
By Zohaib Shahid B.

The red color had now faded away from blood. Blood had become colorless. Because people were colorless. Everyone was being a good boy or girl and obeying their masters. People had lost feelings for others. People had feelings only for them self. Happiness is what everyone wanted. But for themselves only. No one cared about others. They didn’t want to do work, because that makes them frustrated. They wanted to be happy. But they could not realize the long-term effects of their laziness.

Everyone was filled with greed only for themselves. They would say the hell with others. And it didn’t even matter if that other was their own mother. They wanted to play all the time. Thinking they would live the rest of their lives with the same feeling without moving a foot. Hadn’t they figured out by now? that is not how the world works. Their parents were supporting them now financially. What will they do when they’re adults and their parents won’t be there to support them?

They will wish they were never lazy. But it’d be too late. What skill or knowledge will they have for what reality happened to offer them? Believe it or not, there once will be a day when your safe space bubble gets popped. Reality is not so nice. How will they handle being ‘offended’ all around?

How will their increased egos and low skill help them when it comes to making a living? They haven’t taken any interest in their nation or in issues. So now those issues are increased because of their ignorance. How will their “I don’t really care” or “I don’t really have to” help them when not even a single restaurant will accept employees without a high school diploma?

Spose they do get a job. Was making four bucks an hour now worth sitting around all the time doing absolutely nothing but wasting your life? They had been classified as intelligent beings. But know that the difference between intelligent and non intelligent beings, intelligent beings can infer and take concern of future events. Was there a single spark in their brain that could have told them that maybe this could hurt in the long run?

Short story by
Zohaib Shahid B.


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