My Thoughts on the iPhone X

Apple introduced their new iPhone X this September, 2017. And some things about it bring excitement for the near future, and some are rather disappointing.

One of the most obvious things about it is that Apple tried to make the front all screen, with only a little bit of edge. My personal opinion, I love curved edges on a phone, like the iPhone 6 and older, not like some of the Samsung galaxy phones where it’s only curved from two sides. I also love more screen. The more space there is between the screen and the edge of the phone, the chunkier the phone looks. A minimalist design is always more appealing, at least for my personal taste.

Another thing that is very noticeable at first glance is that there is no more home button. In my opinion, I like that. The home button made the phone look rather aesthetic than futuristic, in my opinion. Sure, I like some things better aesthetic like clothing, furniture, and cars but devices such as phones, tablets, computers and TVs are better in a more minimalist or modern design.

Removing the home button also means no touch ID. I personally enjoy touch ID (not on my iPhone since I made the switch but on androids, it’s still pretty cool). That’s one of the things I was disappointed about. I wish they could have still added touch ID, but on the back like some Android devices. It would have been better to have it in the back than not having it at all. With no touch ID means a different way to unlock your device faster typing a pass code every time. So Apple made Face ID. And it is accurate. Face ID projects 30,000 dots that accurately map out your face. And since this is just the fist model, I believe Face ID is going to get better every time.

Apple has received a lot of criticism for removing many features, but I believe that they are taking an advantage of their popularity and removing the old stuff to force out solutions that would revolutionize devices. But Face ID is still not that secure, someone could just take your phone, point it at your face and be able to get in. And I believe touch ID should not be something to remove. Maybe they can integrate it into the screen, where you can use touch ID without there having to be a home button. The sensor could be unnoticeable. But we do have to realize that it’s not that easy and we may not have the technology for that, but I hope Apple does find a way to bring back touch ID. The question and concern about Face ID is, will apple be collecting these Face IDs and what else will be their purpose?

Another thing Face ID brings is fun things like better Snapchat filters and Animoji. Animojis are emojis, but animated with your face.

Another disappointment was that there was no big difference in software. I have been wanting to see a new software design from Apple. Speaking of the switch from iPhone to android I hinted earlier, the software was really what made me switch. There is no customization. The home page, there is nothing too interesting about it, your apps are just scattered across the homepage. On Androids, you can customize the homepage to look almost like anything you want it to be. I was pretty disappointed to how there were not any major software changes, but there were some changes to fit the removal of the home button.

Removal of the home button meant new gestures.

This article does a good job at showing the new gestures. Click here to read it.

It also adds a lot more for photography. You can now do amazing lighting effects. I really liked the portrait mode.

And I just went over the highlights of the phone here. There is a lot more to it, such as a new and powerful chip, and 3D tracking and more!

Click here to go to the Apple page for the iPhone X to see!

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